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The city's name comes from the Chinese characters 大(dae) and 田(jeon), which means "great field" Daejeon is the fifth largest city in Korea after Seoul, Busan, Daegu, and Incheon with a population of approximately 1.5 million people on an area of 540? (the total area of the Korean peninsula is 222,154kmē). Daejeon was formerly the capital of Chungcheongnam-do (province), which still maintains its administrative head office in the city. It was promoted to a metropolitan city in 1995. Currently there are 7 metropolitan cities in Korea. Located in the center of Korea, Daejeon serves as a hub of transportation. Major expressways and railways connecting the country from the north to south converge in Daejeon. With this wonderful transportation network, it is possible to travel to anywhere in the country within half a day from Daejeon.

Daejeon has acquired a reputation of generosity with an emphasis in decent public manner. Coupled with the warm weather that we enjoy, the city provides a pleasant living environment with clear water and a balance in ecology.

Daejeon is also a city of science and technology having the largest science town where Daejeon Convention Center is located. Focusing on industrial applications and the third government complex, Daejeon provides the social and cultural prosperity of the city. Highly advantaged by the Daejeon Expo in 1993, Daejeon established its concrete status as a major techno-polis with particular strengths in innovative technologies. Daejeon has since utilized this status as a bridge to connect domestic and overseas experts of sciences to form partnerships.

Reference: City of Daejeon

I Daejeon Theme Tourism

1. Science theme tour

Science is a symbol of Daejeon like a thread and a needle.

Daedeok R&D Special Development District was established as a part of science technology policy of the government in 1970s. Since late 1980s, start-up companies have been established in here as they were derived from institutes and this regions became the silicon valley in Korea with aggressive efforts by government and local authorities for formation of cutting-edge district. There are Daejeon research complex, Daedeok techno valley in Daejeon as this city is the cradle of Korean cutting-edge technology. Original technologies and brilliant talents are in here as the core of R&D. There are about 70 research institutes including universities and government institutes and 800 corporate research centers. About 20,000 researchers are working in here. The headquarter of World Science City Association which is an affiliate of Meta UNESCO is in Daejeon an makes this city as the center of world science. This city provides you the opportunities to check the passion of sciences and cutting-edge industry in Korea.

Another trip made by yourself!

You may see beautiful buildings surrounded by tress when you enter the street of Daedeok R&D district. There's one thing missing that it is too close to go by bus but too far on foot. Then you can take "Tashu" to look around the R&D complex. Enjoy the clean air and experience the relaxed science world.

1) Explanation of recommended science theme tour

ETRI(Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute) 042-860-6114
ETRI is known as the largest government-run integrated information & telecommunication institution and it has contributed to Korea became one of the strongest countries in the telecommunication industry. It has created new IT technologies since they have introduced TDX, CDMA successfully.

KARI(Korea Aerospace Research Institute) 042-860-2114
"Exporting aircraft to the US where is the country of Wright Brothers. The dream has been realized in Korea Aerospace Research Institute. It is a national institution of the aerospace industry and they are working on the development of the small and midsize aircraft, a remote-sensing satellite, scientific rocket and projectile.

KAERI(Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) 042-860-4114
As the only professional institution for Atomic Energy in Korea, it contributed to export the large Korean atomic reactor recently and the institution is also involved in many related parts for the development of the industry such as atomic safety, atomic energy based technology.

KRIBB(Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology) 042-860-4114
Can we realized the dream of long life without disease? The answer is in Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology. It is a federal laboratory that has been working on the advanced bioscience and technology such as food increasing production, bioremediation, a development of new energy system based on their research of life phenomenon. They are recently working for developing the prophylactic treatment of influenza virus and finding out the origins of Asian or the hereditary diversity.

KIER(Korea Institute of Energy Research) 042-860-3114
It is a national professional institution which has been working on an efficient energy technology, clean natural energy, and new energy. They are currently pursuing to secure the best technology associated with the high oil price, climate change, respond technology agreement, implementing hydrogen economy technology.

KIMM(Korea Institute of Machine & Materials) 042-861-7401
Is there a train without wheel? You can check on Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials. They have fulfilled a comprehensive work related to the research and development of machine and materials, science technology investigation, test and evaluation, technology transfer and support. Recently they focus on developing the new technology such as Nano machine, environmental stabilization machine, intelligent machine, high tech structure material, new functional material.

National Science Museum 042-601-7894
They collect and exhibit all the scientific technology materials based on Natural history, Natural Science, and technology. They also work to understand the balance of nature, human beings, and science realizing the mystery of nature and the principles of science and technology through a lively exhibition.

National Institute for Mathematical Sciences 042-864-5700
Where does the clean sound in my MP3 player come from? Who makes accurate and safe medical service? The standard is made by National Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

Korea Research Institute of Standards and Sciences 042-868-5114
What was the biggest accomplishment of Shih Huang Ti of Chin Dynasty? How did Rome be prosperous? The answer is standardized weights and measures. This is the standard national measurement system organization and it establishes and offers national standard to improve domestic economic development and living culture.

Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology 042-860-7114
This institute tries to develop new chemical, chemistry material, and sustainable chemistry technology to realize green society and contribute to environment for the next generation.

Korea Institute of Science Technology Information 042-869-1004
Why they smoke more when they are drinking? Why the manhole covers are round? The tree must be firm to get sweet and delicious fruits. Korea Institute of Science Technology Information makes foundation of it.

Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources 042-868-3114
This institute researches on the climate change related to domestic and international geology and develop original technology and diffuse the performance to contribute to sustainable national development.

National Fusion Research Institute 042-879-6000
This institute is a global leading center of national fusion energy development and it researches Korean nuclear fusion construction and commercialization of nuclear fusion energy.

Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine 042-861-1994
This institute researches about oriental medicine to contribute to promote health of people. There are everything related to oriental medicine as the foothold research institute in Korea.

2) Explanation of recommended related theme tour

Korea Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources 042-868-3114
As the only specializing Geology museum in Korea, the exhibition is composed by various topics; an overview of the earth, fossils and evolution, human and geology, rocks and geological structure, mineral and human, environmental and geological features. There are screening the 30 minute-footage times a day and they explain the process of lives on earth, the reason why the dinosaurs are disappeared, and about the earthquake in an easier way.

Currency Museum 042-870-1000
As the first professional currency museum, they operate as a non-profit cultural organization for the public and they are open to visitors free of charge. There are 4 features of permanent exhibitions and 4,000 pieces of displays representing the 1,000 years of Korean history.

Noeun Prehistoric Museum 042-826-2814
Including 'Noeun prehistoric museum', there are 300 relics are exhibited and they restored the life of prehistoric people and installed 'Diorama' in five different galleries such as Paleolithic Cultural Center, Cultural Center Neolithic, Bronze Age Cultural Center, Iron Cultural Center.

The National Heritage Center 042-610-7610
This exhibition was created to inform the ecological value of natural monument and to perform a systematic research, investigation, exhibition and education of natural monument. It is filled with stuffed animals, videos, photos, and interesting commentary along with South Korea at a glance to see the entire natural monument is configured to be easily understood.

Daejeon Astronomical Observatory 042-863-8763
As the first Astronomical Observatory in Korea, they provide the solar observation during the sunny daytime, and Planet, Moon, Nebulae, Milky Way observation during the night time. Many lovers are looking for this place as a date spot.

2. Daedeok Special District "Olle" Road

Deadeok Special District "Olle" Road is a trail that you can enjoy nature in the city within quarter of a day. There are parks, science hall, museum, and observatory in Doryong-dong, Yuseong-gu and the street trees make you feel relax in the walk. "Olle" course is total of 20.2? and there are signs, benches, small science classes and connected to hiking route. Course 1 starts from EXPO Science Park and return back. It is 10.2? for 3 hours and 30 minutes. Course 2 includes National Central Science Hall, Money Museum, Geology Museum, and observatory. It is 10? for 3 hours and 20 minutes. There are small science classes in the Central Science Hall and Seongdu mountain in the back. You could feel the science spirit even when you are walking.
Course Route
Course 1 EXPO Science Park - Doryongjeong - Hwajongsan - Hwa-am 4 ga - Taejeonsa - Hwa-am goge - back mountain of Daedeok University - Maebong park - Education Science Research Institute - Expo Science Park
Course 2 Central Science Hall - Seongdu mountain - entrance of Science High School - Currency Museum - Tan-dong stream - Geology museum - entrance of Shinseong park - Public observatory - Chungdae Nongdae - Gungdong park
Note Useongi mountain : back mountain of Daejeon MBC Maebong park: Front park of Institute of Standard Science Research Seongdu mountain park: Small park next to Central Science Hall Shinseong park: Connected to ground of research complex and Chungdae (Chungnam University)

3. Happy Yuseong Tour

Yuseong in Daejeon is the place of young + tradition + rest + and creation. It is filled with the spirit of creativity an energy from students of KAIST, Chungnam University, and Hanbat University. Yuseong Spa is opened for 24 hours and foot bath is free of charge. The park offers rest place for citizens and tourists and make them happy.

Another trip made by yourself!
Yuseong has diverse colors and you could find them as you take photos around here. Take photos at foot bath, at the rodeo road, and at the pavilion. There are good places to remember Daejeon. Complete your trip after these experiences with diverse and cheap menu.

1) Recommended places to visit in Daejeon

Yuseong Hot Spring 042-611-2130
Located in the center of the city, Yuseong Hot Spring is famous for its effectiveness in countering maladies. The water here contains many alkaline minerals including calcium, potassium, sulphur and so forth. There is an especially high concentration of radium, which is good for treating neuralgia and geriatric diseases.

University Street (Daehakro) 042-1330
There are many universities like KAIST, Chugnam National University, and Hanbat University, are located in this district and visitors can enjoy its vibrant night life from 10 p.m. The food prices are relatively cheaper than other places and shops are also cheaper than other places as well.

Yurim Park 042-1330
There's a fantastic rest place not far from you. It is larger than other parks and but also very pretty. Take a rest and walk and feel the nature and culture here before you go to busy Dusan-dong streets.

6. Downtown (young street) tour

Feel the energetic scenes around Daejeon station. There's oriental medicine street on the left and Hanbok street where you can find Korean traditional clothes. Also look around the conventional market which is the vitality of the city and see Koreans' life and culture. Mokcheok bridge is the symbol of Daejeon. You can see the energy and passion of Korean young generation across the bridge.

Another trip made by yourself!
It is a gift package that you could have everything to see and experience. There are themes with automobile, oriental medicine, and Hanbok streets. The street from Eueungjeongi and Jung-gu Office that have cultural performances. Moreover, try Korean representative snacks such as tteokboki, fries, and fish cake. The tastes are very unique in here that you should try.

1) Recommended places to visit in Daejeon

Enungjungi Street 042-1330
Located in the center of the Daejeon, most of the younger generations hang out with their friends in this district. Visitors can find a wide variety of shops as well as local food fares here.

Jungangshijang (Central Traditional Market) 042-1330
The Jungangsijang (Central Traditional Market) market is a traditional market of six different sectors with about 160 different retail stores.

Oriental medicine street 042-1330
If there's Gyeongdong market in Seoul and Yakryok market in Daegu, Daejeon has oriental medicine street. About 100 shops are here that have been opened since Korean War. Smell the strong smell of oriental medicine and you can feel healthier already.

Hanbok street 042-1330
This street is very famous for Hanbok since the end of Korean War. This street was made as the third after Seoul and Daegu that you could feel the mood of Korea.

Mokcheok bridge 042-1330
Mokcheok bridge is the symbol of restoring Daejeon. It is now a popular place for rest. There are Daejeon station, underground arcade, and Enungjungi streets near so citizens and tourists can take a rest with the nature in here.

II. Night tour

Night in Daejeon is more energetic than day like they say "your night is hotter than day." Each corner is different that grabs tourists' step. Every generation can have romantic time in Mokcheok bridge, Enungjungi street, and Jung-gu Office. College students like to hang out in Gung-dong rode street and Dunsan-dong is full of foreigners come from different cultures. Take a relax time in these spots.

Another trip made by yourself!
There's a unique fun in Daejeon that you could choose among options. You could have a drink and walk around the park or meet new friends from other countries in the city full of energy and spirits. You can also experience Korean drink culture in 'pojangmacha.'

1) Recommended Places

Expo Bridge 042-1330
Expo Bridge has a nickname called "Gyeonu Jiknyeo." They say you could get your love if confess on this bridge and the blue and red arche look like a couple of man and woman. Enjoy the landscape and music fountain, too. Look at Gapcheon stream under the bridge while you are taking a walk. Moreover, you can also use "Tashu" on this bridge. Enjoy romance and energy while you are riding on the bicycle.

Mokcheok bridge 042-1330
Mokcheok bridge is not far from Euneungjeongi street and it gives refreshed spirit in the city. Mokcheok bridge was rebuilt as a part of Daejeon restoration project. It is beautiful but also became a cultural place for citizens to take a rest. Music fountain show is also exciting in day and night.

2) Enjoy Daejeon course

Euneungjeoni street 042-1330
Euneungjeongi street has two faces of cultures that are different in day and night. The brilliant neon signs and luminaries during winter make the night more shiny. There are small clubs as well as diverse bars.

Dunsan-dong rodeo 042-1330
Foreigners and young people in 20s and 30s like to hang around in here unlike the rodeo streets in Eunheng-dong and Gung-dong. Experience luxurious and elegant bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Jung-gu Office 042-1330
If Euneungjeongi is the street for teenagers, Jung-gu Office is for 20s. They are very close to each other but each has different attractions. Enjoy clubs, bars, performances, restaurants, wine bars, and traditional tea shops.

Gung-dong Rodeo 042-1330
Rodeo street is located in the middle of universities area. College students in Chungnam University, KAIST, and Hanbat University come here to hang around and create unique culture. Feel the lively spirits of young cultures with cheap prices.


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